☩DIY☩ Miu Miu Sequin Bird Dress

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ a LBD

✝ 20 yards of sequin trim

✝ fabric glue

✝ scissors

✝ paper

✝ a pencil


Total time:

2 hrs


Total cost:

$14 ($10 for the trim + $4 for the glue)

miu miu diy dress.jpg

Sparkly gold aplique? YES PLEASE! 

miu miu diy3.jpg

I used basic fabric glue which isn't washable. With all the sequins I wouldn't machine wash this dress anyway. The tacky glue is great because it's sticky and helps keep the sequins in place as you go. Instead of loose sequins I used trim which made attaching it way easier.

miu miu birds.jpg

I used the pencil to trace around the stencils I cut out. I covered the pencil line with the glue and filled it in.


I applied the trim starting from the edge working in.


I made seven birds altogether, five in the front and two in the back. It took awhile but it was worth it.

miu miu diy web.jpg