☩DIY☩ Bang[s]!

How to cut and style your bangs at home!

Things you need for this DIY:
For cutting:
✝ hair cutting shears 
✝ a comb (one with a poke-y end works best)
✝ a spray bottle
✝ a mirror
✝ a clip, hair tie or bobby pins

For styling,
✝ a blow dryer
✝ polishing serum (optional)

Total time:
30 mins

For cutting: 

diy bangs.jpg

It was time!

First, wet the front half (or all) of your hair in the sink/shower.


Starting from the middle of your head, comb all the hair forward.


Find the center/top point of your head.


Part the hair with your comb in a straight line to the top of your ear.


Comb your hair back away from the part.


o it to the other side and tie your hair back. You should have a big upside down V on your head.


Comb all the loose hair in front of your face. Spritz with water if it has started to dry.


Now here is the important part, cut about 2.5 inches (the distance between your pupils) in a straight line at the level of your pupils. Simply put, use your pupils as a guide. If you hold the hair taught with the comb and cut slowly, your should get a pretty straight line that you can adjust a little when your hair is dry. If you are worried about not doing a good job, cut a little lower (at the bottom of your eyes, perhaps) that way you have more room to fix any errors. Just be careful you don't keep adjusting till you have no more bangs!


This is my "wet rat" look.


Now trim the remaining hair at an angle away from your face. This doesn't have to be perfect, in fact I like to do it a little choppy to give it layers and texture.





For a sleek look, blowdry your bangs straight down while combing from underneath until they are completely dry.


Add some polishing serum for shine.

I prefer a messy look!