☩DIY☩ Pearl Ear Hook/Ear Wrap

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ wire
✝ pliers
✝ an old pearl/faux pearl necklace, preferably broken
✝ jump rings
✝ a bunch of headpins (optional)

✝ wire cutters

Total time:
45 mins

Total cost:
the price of a broken faux pearl necklace

diy pearrl ear hook.jpg

I loved this pearl ear hook when I saw it but the price tag was outrageous and it was sold out anyway.


You will find a great tutorial for the wire part of the earpiece, here.


I have a few old broken faux pearl necklaces. I can never bring myself to throw out pretty beads. I used 14 light shiny pearls and 11 yellow-y pink dullish pearls of various sizes. I used the wire to make little loops at either end of the light pearls and the head pins to make single loops for the pink pearls. This took quite awhile. If you don't have head pins you can use the wire and instead of making a loop at one end, make a little spiral.


I copied the original pattern and attached the light pearls like above. Then I attached the pink pearls to them.