☩DIY☩ Dannijo Friendship Bracelet

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ a friendship bracelet

✝ curb chain

✝ an embroidery needle

✝ embroidery thread


Total time:

30 mins


Total cost:

<$5 if you make the friendship bracelet yourself

DIY Dannijo Bracelet web.jpg

$80 for this Dannijo bracelet? Puh-shaw!

DSC_0787 web.jpg

I used a friendship bracelet I made this summer which is why it doesn't have the same pattern although the color scheme is pretty close. You can find a tutorial for the Dannijo pattern here.

DSC_0798 web.jpg

First I sewed the curb chain onto the bracelet in one direction...

DSC_0804 web.jpg

...then back in the other direction.

DIY Dannijo 3 web.jpg

And done. Barely broke a sweat. 

DIY Dannijo 2 web.jpg
DIY Dannijo web.jpg