☩DIY☩ 30 Minute Tote

Things you need for this DIY:
 faux leather with a decent looking lining
✝ a sewing machine
✝ scissors
✝ a writing utensil (I used a soft pencil so it would be easy to see in the photos, you might want to use something lighter)

Total time:
30 minutes


So easy kids!


Using faux leather for this is important. Real leather is soft and will stretch over time. You can do it but the bag would need an internal structure to strengthen it.


Start by drawing a rectangle 15"X20". Then make two lines 6" and 8" from the top. On the 8" line mark the middle. On the 6" line mark 5" from each side and on the top mark 2" from each side.


Connect the dots, then round the edges.


Measure 2" in both directions from the bottom corners. Round.


Draw a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around and cut out the pattern leaving behind the sections like above. Use the the piece of leather as a template for the second piece.


Now here's where it can get tricky. I didn't want to pin the two sides together because it would damage the material, so I just held the two pieces together very tightly while I sewed. If you are super careful, this isn't that hard but if you are a little shaky on the sewing machine, you can use double sided tape to keep them in place.



☩DIY☩ No Sew Leather Paper Bag Clutch

Things you need for this DIY: 
✝ leather (mine was vegan)
✝ a pencil
✝ scissors
✝ a ruler
✝ glue (I used epoxy but I bet hot glue would be much faster)
✝ nail polish
✝ snaps, gold paint (optional)

Total time:
1 hour

Total cost:

$5 for one yard of faux leather


For those of you who read my old blog, you know that this DIY is WAY overdue.

First, cut your piece of leather to 12.25"X30". Then, using the ruler, section the piece of leather with the dimensions above.


Note: If this is too tricky, grab a paper gift bag, take it apart and use it like a cheat sheet.

Fold the piece of leather so that the 2" section over laps the first two inches of the 9" section, making an inside-out loop.




Turn right-side out. Then using the lines as a guide, fold the bottom of the bag like it's a Christmas present.



I added snaps on the sides to help it keep it's shape, but it's not necessary.


I used the nail polish to finish the edge...hot pink...cause why not...


I wanted my bag to be a little shiny so I rubbed some gold paint on it with a paper towel. Again, totally optional.