Our New Puppy And Why You Should Adopt

This Friday we went upstate to pick up our new Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) puppy (Hugs is the name he came with but we are auditioning others) from his foster mom's house. We had met him a few days before and had fallen in love with him immediately. He is two pounds of cuddly/bite-y/hyper/sleepy/poopy adorableness and we are so happy. We will make sure his story is a happy one but some of his brothers and sisters will not be so lucky.

Hugs was born in a puppy mill to a mom that will probably never see the light of day. She will never run in the grass or sleep at the foot of a bed or get belly rubs. She will spend her entire fertile life in a tiny dirty cage and then will most likely be put down when she is too old to have puppies.

Hugs's future brothers and sisters may also suffer a terrible fate. At eight weeks, any puppies that haven't been purchased by a broker for a pet store have a very uncertain future. If they are lucky they end up in a shelter and then find nice families to adopt them. If they aren't lucky, they get put down.

All in all, puppy mills are horrible inhumane business that allow dogs to suffer for profit. We all must decide for ourselves what issues are important to us, but if you are planning on getting a dog, please think about one thing: One of the most powerful tools we have to support an idea, cause, or business is buy giving them our money. By consuming what they produce we are automatically supporting what they stand for. There are so many dogs that need homes. Like Hugs, many of these dogs are the same small breed puppies that you find in pet stores. So check out PetFinder.com(where we found our little baby) and adopt adopt ADOPT!

Click here to find out more about puppy mills.

And now, the cutest puppy of all time: