☩DIY☩ Burned Wood Jewelry Display/Key Hook

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ driftwood

✝ screw in hooks

✝ soldering iron

✝ drill

✝ 1/8 & 1/4 drill bits

✝ wood glue

✝ ruler

✝ pen

✝ screws or nails


Total time: 

1 hour

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I need ten of these to properly organize my jewelry.

Start by burning your design into your driftwood. Straight lines and spots seem to be the easiest. Do I have to warn you to be super careful? Soldering irons are terrifyingly hot y'all. 


Not too bad.


Practice makes perfect!


When you have a design you like, mark the bottom with dots one inch apart.


Drill little holes where you marked.


Then dab a little glue on your hooks and screw them into the wood.


Use both drill bits to pre-drill holes with sinkholes for your screws or nails.


Screw or nail into the wall and that's it! Get organized!

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☩DIY☩ Palmistry Jewelry Display

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ black hand shaped jewelry display, get one here or here 

✝ gold permanent marker


Total time:

15 mins

Add a little mysticism to your boudoir. 


Start by drawing the lines of the hand.


I used these images for inspiration. Read more about palmistry here.

Tada! If you mess up a few times like I did, a little rubbing alcohol will help you remove the ink.