☩DIY☩ Burned Wood Jewelry Display/Key Hook

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ driftwood

✝ screw in hooks

✝ soldering iron

✝ drill

✝ 1/8 & 1/4 drill bits

✝ wood glue

✝ ruler

✝ pen

✝ screws or nails


Total time: 

1 hour

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I need ten of these to properly organize my jewelry.

Start by burning your design into your driftwood. Straight lines and spots seem to be the easiest. Do I have to warn you to be super careful? Soldering irons are terrifyingly hot y'all. 


Not too bad.


Practice makes perfect!


When you have a design you like, mark the bottom with dots one inch apart.


Drill little holes where you marked.


Then dab a little glue on your hooks and screw them into the wood.


Use both drill bits to pre-drill holes with sinkholes for your screws or nails.


Screw or nail into the wall and that's it! Get organized!

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☩DIY☩ Faux-Bullet Shell Crystal Necklace

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ small crystals, find some here or here or if you are in the Los Angeles area visit Spellbound Sky

✝ large cord caps, find some here or here or at your local bead store

✝ glue

✝ cord, I used faux suede

✝ jump rings


Total time:

15 mins


Crystal bullet shell necklaces are all the rage but to make them, you have to cut, file and drill the bullet shell. Who wants to do all that? Get the look without the work!

Pick a few nice-looking crystals that fit inside of your cord caps.


Carefully glue each one into a cord cap.

When your glue has dried, attach your jump rings and string your baubles onto your cord.


Tie a little knot around each jump ring to keep everything in place. 


That's it! So easy and quick. Wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. Try using different color crystals and make sure you make extras for your friends! 

☩DIY☩ Sparkly Tube Necklace

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ rubber tubing (from the hardware store)

✝ cord caps that fit on the end of the tubing

✝ glue

✝ sparkly filler (I used copper leaf and silver beads)


Total time:

30 mins


I changed my hair a bit...

I started by tearing my copper leaf into tiny pieces. 


Cut the tubing to your desired length. Glue one of your cord caps to the end of your tube so your filler doesn't fall out.


Start filling...

When your tube is filled, glue on your second cord cap and attach a clasp. That's it!

☩DIY☩ Palmistry Jewelry Display

Things you need for this DIY:

✝ black hand shaped jewelry display, get one here or here 

✝ gold permanent marker


Total time:

15 mins

Add a little mysticism to your boudoir. 


Start by drawing the lines of the hand.


I used these images for inspiration. Read more about palmistry here.

Tada! If you mess up a few times like I did, a little rubbing alcohol will help you remove the ink.

☩DIY☩ Wedding Accessories

As many of you know, I run Shine Trim's DIY wedding and fashion blog and do tons of sparkly projects for them. Well, wedding season is in full swing and I have had my hands full doing tons of Wedding DIYs. Check out the how-tos for these and many others over at Shine Trim.