When Two Rens Collide

Let me tell you something about wedding planning that you might not know. It's the WORST. My wedding is two months away and I've just given up trying to "enjoy it". There are many factors as to why this has been the hardest most stressful thing I've ever done, a lot of them relative to me and my life. But let's be honest, number crunching, sending millions of emails, coordinating, dealing with flakes and family, dealing with flakey family, all the while trying to cut sugar and alcohol from your diet to get in shape...hell on earth. Life saving-ly, there have been two aspects of planning the wedding that I have REALLY enjoyed. Working with an amazing/amazingly sweet and cool dress designer Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek on my custom wedding dress and Renata Yagolnitzer.

I met Ren years ago in passing and we became Facebook friends because, really we had to, how many Rens are there? Soon after I started stalking her photographs and kind of her life by extension. This lasted for many years without ever really talking or knowing each other at all. Pretty awkward on my part, I have to say. When we started planning our wedding seven ish months ago and I started looking at all things wedding, I realized I hate all things wedding. Especially wedding photography. I really don't like anything "cute". From the beginning, when I thought about how I wanted our photos to be I thought of Ren's. I love how in her work every photo looks like a film still and has whatever you call that thing that makes you feel feelings when you look at a photograph. "Aura" maybe? She also has seems to have patience. All her photos look like she waited for that perfect magic moment. Either that or she's a wizard. Long story short, she didn't think I was a total weirdo for asking her to photograph my wedding and she is coming to Mexico. I am the luckiest girl in the world and the stokedest. The only problem with Ren is that she is way prettier than me (see last photo) which is pretty rude on her part. Good thing her gorgeous face will be behind a camera a lot of the time.

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