Hartwood is a new-ish restaurant in Tulum, built, owned and operated by former Brooklynite couple Mya Henry and Eric Werner. All of the produce is locally grown, purchased daily and cooked in a wood burning oven.


When Rubin and I heard about Hartwood, we were determined to visit on the only day they would be open while we were in Mexico, despite having to travel an hour to get there after our 9 hour plane/bus trip from NY. We had to rally pretty hard but it was absolutely worth it. Everything about this restaurant is beautiful. The food is beautiful, the environment is beautiful, the couple who own it are beautiful. We didn't have to be there for very long before we decided it was the ideal place for our rehearsal dinner. It's the perfect blend of chic Brooklyness and paradise. I literally can't wait.


Did I mention there were three puppies playing under our table the whole time? Heaven.

Via The Selby