Dressed All In White

Yesterday I had my first official fitting at the studio of the lovely Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek in Park Slope. I got to try on my custom wedding dress (inspired by a dress from an Italian film I once saw) and I loved it so much I want to wear it everyday. I wish I could show you photos of it but I have to keep it from the prying eyes of the groom. In the meantime, a sneak peek at Rebecca's new bridal line; mix and match separates hand made with impecable quality and care. Beautiful, fashion forward and young. I really love the idea of separates, you can customize your dress without all the extra $$$. If she had all day I would have tried on every combo. She will be coming out with an interactive feature on her website so you can do just that, very soon. I can't wait to see it!

All of these dresses are a combination of a top and a skirt. Isn't it genuis?!


I want it!!