☩DIY☩ Studded Tee Shirt

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ a tee shirt
✝ studs
✝ pliers
✝ needle and thread

Total time:
2 hours

Total cost:

Studded Tee Shirt DIY.jpg

I haven't lost steam as far as studding goes, so here is another stud crazy DIY.


Even though studding can be time consuming, it's so easy. It's almost meditative. Put Heathers into your dvd player and you'll be done before Veronica shoots J.D. 


First, cut off the sleeves. If you are a good girl, you will hem them. I didn't, I don't regret it.

studded tee shirt DIY5.jpg

Stud your fingers to the bone. I really need to do more complicated DIYs. You'll abandon me soon for DIYers whose directions you actually need.

Studded Tee Shirt DIY 2.jpg
Studded Tee Shirt DIY.jpg